Meditation in Pa Auk Tawya, Myanmar



Sketch of an Excellent Man




 In support of the 2,500-years old meditation techniques

still taught in Pa Auk.

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10 minute short version:

Française: Pa Auk méditation Birmanie:

Español: Pa Auk Meditación Myanmar

English: Pa Auk Forest Monastery:

Vietnamese: Thiền Lâm Viện Pa Auk  youtube:

Chinese:  帕奥禅林

Indonesia: Vihara Hutan Pa Auk:







Sketch of an Excellent Man

English with chapters:

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Burmese Youtube link 




Schita unui Om Extraordinar

(Pa Auk Sayadaw meditatie România)


 Manastirea din Padure Pa Auk Meditatie

(Pa Auk Sayadaw meditatie România)

România Versiune scurta:



Sơ Phác về Bậc Thượng Nhân

(Pa Auk Sayadaw)

Việt Nam:




Porträt eines außergewöhnlichen Mannes

Deutsche / German (1.43)


 Waldkloster Pa Auk Meditation (Pa Auk Sayadaw Myanmar) 

Kurze Version (9.30 Minuten)






Очерк о выдающемся человеке

Очерк о выдающемся человеке




Žinojimas ir matymas: išmintis be ribų



Weten en Zien: Wijsheid zonder Grenzen

Nederlands Try-out (met hoofdstukken):

Schets van een Buitengewoon Man old version


Bosquejo de Un Hombre Excelente




Sketsa seorang Pria Istimewa


Old version:



ภาพชีวิต ของ บุคคลยอดเยี่ยม




 한 위대한 사람에 대한 스케치


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උතුම් මිනිසෙකුගේ තතු බිදක්

Sri Lanka: 






Chinese version now on YOUTUBE download 1.17GB 

Chinese Youtube:    



Sketch of an Excellent Man 《帕奥西亚多与止观禅修》 


Chinese / English version prepared in China BAIDU (2.77GB) 
password: ebux

 Chinese translation from the original documentary by Lola Zhang and Mingjing,  

proofreading and translation by Feng Wentao.

Chinese only version prepared by Setti Wessels, DVD available in Ang Thong Thailand

《帕奥西亚多与止观禅修》 华文翻译:Lola Zhang、明镜    华文校译:馮文濤(Feng Wentao)











In the Pa Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar over a thousand people from all over the world are first taught 40 concentration techniques to be able to analyse the ultimate realities of  Mind and Matter (Nāma and Rūpa) at subatomic particle level by “their own direct experience”. They then proceed to practise Dependent Origination (Paticca-samuppāda) and Insight Meditation (Vipassanā) as described in the “Path of Purification” (Visuddhi Magga), a 1,500 year old summary of the Pāli texts: the legacy of the profound practical knowledge as originally taught by Gotama the Buddha.


For people in search of the truth it can be a life changing experience to learn about “the wisdom light” produced by a concentrated mind found in the heart base - the sixth sense - described in detail. 


Rare footage of the Most Venerable Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw explaining Vipassanã and Dependent Origination in English, illustrated by an artist/architect (watercolour, animation) make this subtle and profound knowledge enjoyable to watch even by non practitioners. 


 (Setti Wessels Myanmar 2015)



How often can one get a glimpse into what dedicated meditators experience following complex teachings that are over 2,500 years old, thought by many to be lost to the world?

For those familiar with the Abhidhamma and other Pāli texts, it will be impossible to imagine a film that is not only "quite complete" as an introduction to - but also a fascinating watch for people unfamiliar with - the deeper teachings of the Buddha. 

The use of watercolour drawings, animations and special effects opens up this deep knowledge in a surprising and contemporary way, emphasising the role of the “wisdom light” found in the heart base: the sixth sense.

It has to be a little bit difficult...

Useful tips on how to watch the documentary


The film is interactive with 27 chapters to easily find the interesting parts again for a second look.


Please do not try to read every piece of text the first time. Many references were intentionally provided for further research into the complex Pāli texts via internet or books for those who have the interest. 


The film is quite long and dense, it can be watched/shown in three parts:

- Introduction of Buddhism

- Part 1 Morality (Sila)

Gives a glimpse of Theravāda Buddhism showing life in the Pa Auk Forest Monastery - enjoyable to watch for every traveler with an interest in culture.

- Part 2 Concentration (Samadhi)

A short introduction of meditation through the “eyes” of an artist/meditator prepares the way for Pa Auk Sayadaw to explain “Ultimate Materiality” - unique and valuable footage recorded in 2008 in Korea. 

- Part 3 Wisdom (Paññā) 

Pa Auk Sayadaw at his best, explaining Dependent Origination and kamma ("karma") - the law of cause and effect. Again the 2008 recording, richly illustrated to help people understand the very deep and subtle teachings so carefully and skilfully explained by Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw.

- Conclusion

The last ten minutes concludes the purpose of all the effort to cultivate concentration through which the end goal can be realised, as taught by Gotama the Buddha: Nibbāna.



PART 1: Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw explains Vipassanā 

58 minutes


YOUTUBE with English Subtitles:


PART 2: Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw explains Dependent Origination 1:24min

Now with English subtitles (prepared in Jakarta - for the benefit of many)



(Many thanks to Joanna Semeniuk for uploading the files to internet in the Netherlands, and to Simone Vromen for carrying the originals on dvd all the way from Myanmar)


Rare footage of the Most Venerable Pa Auk Tawya Sayadaw explaining Vipassanã and Dependent Origination in English was recorded in Korea in 2008 after his one year personal retreat in 2007 in Sri Lanka.

Archive material obtained from Pa Auk was prepared for English meditators (Korean translation removed for fluent watching) and will give a thorough and vibrant overview of the Samatha, Analysis of Mind and Matter (Nāma and Rūpa) Dependent Origination (Paticca-samuppāda) and Vipassanā (insight meditation) techniques as taught in Pa Auk Forest Monastery in Myanmar - taught by Sayadaw in the vibrant and energetic way so appreciated by meditators from all over the world.


 Setti Wessels Myanmar 2015