Meditation in Pa Auk Tawya, Myanmar





In support of the 2,500-year-old meditation techniques still taught in Pa Auk: 

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ဖားအောက်တောရ စလင်း  ရဟန်းခံ ရှင်ပြုနှင့် သီလရှင်ဝတ်

 Pa Auk Tawya Salin: Ordain

English/Burmese video 39 minutes Myanmar 2017



A beautiful and inspiring story about ordination filmed during four days; edited specially for people who fear that the Buddha's teachings of peace, happiness and generosity are disappearing: not yet! 
In the new Pa Auk Tawya branch at Salin (Sala Tree Grove Forest Monastery) 91 children ordained as novice monks and nuns for a week to learn about the Buddha's teachings and meditation. Five Bhikkhus ordained in the open air Sima some miles away. The monks go for alms-round in local villages every morning to receive Pindapāta (food offerings). They were so happy to live a simple life similar to the times of the Buddha that they decided not to disrobe - most of them will stay until the end of the school holidays of two months!
Myanmar 2017


English/Chinese Traditional 帕奧禪林沙林分院 出家

English/Chinese Pinyin 帕奧禪林沙林分院 出家 

English/Español Pa Auk Tawya Salin ORDENACIÓN 

English/Français Pa Auk Tawya Salin L'ORDINATION

English/Nederlands Pa Auk Tawya Salin DE INTREDING 

English/Sinhala සිංහල ඵා අවුක් අරණ්‍ය සලින්: පැවිද්ද

 English/Vietnamese Pa Auk Salin Ordain LỄ XUẤT GIA  

English/Indonesia Pa Auk Salin ORDAIN Pentahbisan

English/Korea 살린 파욱 숲속사원 출가  Pa Auk Salin ORDAIN

English/Thai วัดป่าพะเอ้า สะหลิ่น บรรพชาอุปสมบท ORDAIN