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Mysteries of Mithras and the Quest of the Cauldron


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Was Mithras the symbol of Stoic philosophers who meditated in “manmade caves” in Rome?

The meaning of Mithraism that originated in Rome (thought to be a deity from Persia) in the second century AD is still a mystery, but with an analysis of all elements of the tauroctony (where Mithras sacrifices a bull) from a meditation perspective there is a seamless match with the system of meditation techniques originally taught by the Buddha Gotama in India. The suffering of repeated birth, ageing and death can be overcome by cutting the roots of attachment to sensuality symbolised by the bull, symbol of sensual attachment and the an-iconic symbol used for the luxury life as a prince of the Buddha-to-be. The 7 stages of initiation of Mithras are aligned with Seven Stages of Purification, which were illustrated on the Gundestrup Cauldron that was made between 94-143 AD, according to recent carbon dating: during the reign of Roman Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. During the same time the Pantheon was built in Rome: a meditation diagram in the shape of “an eye to see the Truth”.

The design of the Pantheon, Gundestrup Cauldron and Mithraism seem to be linked: launched by Hadrian as projects to promote peace in the Roman Empire by promoting the practice of meditation techniques: the dialectics of philosophy.


Texts that describe the lost links of Buddhism in Europe:

Gundestrup Cauldron: a meditation diagram ● (Did Pythagoras make the Phaistos disk? ● Mystery of Maeshowe Orkney ● Golden Collars of Sweden and the ‘E’ at Delphi ● Etruscan symbols universal language of the heart)



Documentary about the meditation system: "Sketch of an Excellent Man”


Original source where the techniques are still taught, both as theory (Abhidhamma) and as meditation techniques (Samatha-Vipassanā):



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Gundestrup Cauldron: a meditation diagram



The Mithras video is an accompaniment to the text "Gundestrup Cauldron: a meditation diagram" where the original sources for silver used to make the Cauldron and its link to advanced Buddhist meditation techniques are illustrated in detail.


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